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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
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 Page 1 of 3, items 1 to 100 of 238.
18th and Vine Development Policy Committee Boards or Commission1727 Vine Street, KCMO  
Action Center Department13th Floor  
Air Quality Appeals Board Boards or Commission   
Airport Committee Committee   
Alcohol Beverage Advisory Board Boards or Commission   
Arterial Street Impact Fee Airport District A Boards or Commission   
Arterial Street Impact Line Creek District E Boards or Commission   
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Boards or Commission   
Board of Police Commissioners Boards or Commission1125 Locust Street  
Board of Trustees of City Trusts Boards or Commission   
Board of Zoning Adjustment Boards or Commission   
Bond Financial Advisory Committee Committee   
Brownfields Commission Boards or Commission   
Budget and Audit Committee Committee   
Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals Boards or Commission   
Business Session Primary Legislative Body26th Floor, Council Chamber12 
Central City Economic Development Sales Tax Board Boards or Commission   
Charter Review Commission Committee   
Chronic Nuisance Board Boards or Commission   
Citizen's Commission on Municipal Revenue Committee   
City Clerk Committee   
City Council Business Session Primary Legislative Body   
City Manager's Office Department   
City Market Oversight Committee Boards or Commission   
City Operations Committee Committee   
City Plan Commission Boards or Commission   
City's Risk Management Committee's Claims Subcommittee Boards or Commission   
Clay County University of Missouri Extension Council Boards or Commission   
Construction Workforce Board Boards or Commission   
Convention Hotel Steering Committee Committee   
Convention Management Advisory Authority Boards or Commission   
Council Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers13 
Crossroads Arts Advisory Committee PIEA Boards or Commission   
Deferred Compensation Plan Board Boards or Commission   
Departments Department   
Director of Aviation Department   
Director of City Planning & Development Department   
Director of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department4th Floor  
Director of Convention & Entertainment Facilities Department   
Director of Finance Department   
Director of Fire Department   
Director of General Services Department   
Director of Health Department   
Director of Housing and Community Development Department   
Director of Human Resources Department   
Director of Municipal Court Department   
Director of Neighborhoods Department   
Director of Parks & Recreation Department   
Director of Public Works Department   
Director of the Law Department Department   
Director of Water Services Department   
Dog Park Master Plan Task Force Committee   
Downtown Economic Stimulus Authority Boards or Commission   
Downtown Transportation Development District (TDD) Boards or Commission   
Economic Development Committee Committee   
Economic Development Corporation Department 7 
Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors Boards or Commission   
Economic Development Corporation Loan Corp Board Boards or Commission   
Educational Program Advisory Committee - Bannister & I-435 TIF Plan Boards or Commission   
Emergency Medical Services Coordinating Committee Committee   
Emergency Medical Services Coordination Committee (EMSCC) Boards or Commission   
Emergency Physicians Advisory Board Boards or Commission   
Emerging Technology Board Boards or Commission   
Employee Retirement System Board of Trustees Boards or Commission   
Employees Retirement System Board of Trustees Committee   
Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board Boards or Commission   
Environmental Management Commission Boards or Commission   
EPA Response Team Committee   
Equity Task Force Boards or Commission   
Ethics and Legal Review Committee Committee   
Ethnic Enrichment Commission Boards or Commission   
F & G and T & I Joint Committee Committee10th Floor, Committee Room  
Fairness in Construction Board Boards or Commission   
Fairness In Professional Goods & Services Board Committee   
Finance & Administration Committee Committee   
Finance and Audit Committee Committee   
Finance and Governance Committee Committee   
Finance Governance & Ethics Work Session Committee   
Finance, Governance & Ethics Committee Committee   
Finance, Governance & Neighborhood Joint Committee Committee 10 
Finance, Governance & Neighborhoods Joint Committee Committee   
Finance, Governance and Ethics Committee and Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee Committee   
Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee Committee26th Floor, Council Chamber1 
Firefighters Pension System Board of Trustees Boards or Commission   
Food Protection Advisory Board Boards or Commission   
Health Commission Boards or Commission   
Health Forward Foundation Community Advisory Committee Boards or Commission   
Health Foward Foundation - Community Advisory Committee Committee   
Healthcare System Board of Trustees Boards or Commission   
Heart of the City TIF Advisory Committee Boards or Commission   
Historic Preservation Commission Boards or Commission   
HomelessTask Force Committee   
Homesteading Authority Committee   
Houseless Taskforce Boards or Commission   
Housing & Community Development Committee Committee   
Housing and Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee Committee   
Housing Authority Boards or Commission   
Housing Committee Committee   
Housing Committee Worksession Committee   
Housing Trust Fund Board Boards or Commission